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Digital Connection Strategies for HUMANS

Your Business Peeps

We are Tracy Borreson & Terra Argo, and we're all about connections. 

Connecting to yourself. Connecting with others. 

Specifically in the digital space.

Our mission is to provide a space where people can build the skills that drive influence in the digital space; starting with how YOU connect with other people authentically online.

Here, we're all about connecting, collaborating and growing in the ways that feel authentic; and cultivating digital relationships that help you show up as yourself...with confidence.

What We're About

 - Networking authentically in digital spaces

 - Discovering how YOU can authentically show up online

 - Building digital influence in your sector to become an industry thought-leader

 - Finding your people (who support you in growing your way)

Memberships for wherever you are

There are different levels of membership with Your Business Peeps:

  1. Digital Networking: connect digitally with your peeps
  2. Digital Authenticity: owning your digital brand
  3. Digital Influence: to lead the conversation in your sector

Plus, because we don't believe in committing to anything that isn't in alignment with your personal brand, you retain the ability to leave at any time. We're here to curate a community that adds value for you, and if it doesn't, you don't have to stay.

But we hope you will :)

What peeps are saying...

"I just want to say thank you for creating Your Business Peeps. The community you are creating is truly beautiful. Full of individuals committed to building authentic connections, not just with each other, but with themselves. You are just in the beginning of transforming how people connect. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it."
                                                                        - Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

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